Laddstation för elbil

EV-Charging station

It is possible to charge your vehicle in a normal wall socket outlet, but it is not recommended from a safety perspective, as there are risks with an uncontrolled charge. To be able to load quickly and safely one should install an EV-charging station with the least security level Mode3.

An EV-charging station is specifically designed for charging electric vehicles. A charging station has two major advantages compared to charging directly from a standard wall outlet:

1. It is easy to charge

When charging on a standard wall socket outlet, charging is not allowed to achieve maximum power. With the help of a EV-charging box, higher charging effects are allowed, and in connection with the installation, wires and fuses (if necessary) are upgraded to reduce the risk of electrical interference in the home. Some models have a load balancing Power managment built-in (PM). Load balancing automatically reduces the vehicl's charging current at too high a load and minimizes the risk of the main fuse disconnection.

2. Its safe to charge

An EV-charging box is specially designed for charging rechargeable vehicles and thus guarantees a safe charge. The EV-charging box has built-in active security, which means that the power can be switched on only when all connections are correctly connected. Since charging electric cars requires large amperages, there are some safety risks when charging in the usual Schuko outlet. The EV-charging box minimizes this risk. Norwesco charging stations are protected against DC fault currents. Should a fault occur and more than 6mA of DC voltage leak, the charging station will automatically break the electrical connection with the vehicle.

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