Freqvent questions 

Can you use PC plastic in all environments? 

 PC is especially known for its good impact strength both in cold and at high temperatures and retains its properties well even after longterm outdood exposure. Resistant to weak acids, aliphatic hydrocarbons, paraffin and alcohols without methanol. PC is not so resistant to oil, grease and solventsand should not be exposed to hot water +60oC for an extended period. We therefore recommend metalenclosed switches in for example resturant kitchens. 

Do you sell directly to end customers? 
No, we sell to wholesalers.

Is the plastic in your products halogenfree?

Are there smaller Letti clip for the new cables (EXQ Easy)?

There is a 7mm clip, E 15 017 41.

Why is only 3 conductors used in the cable between display and netdevice on the stove timer?
The cable between the display and netdevice on the stove timer is a RKKB 4 x 0,25 sqm. On the stove guards that have e-numbers that ends with 80 and 85 we only use 3 of the conductors. On all other stove timers we use all 4 conductors.

I have disconnected the cable between the display unit and the netdevice on the cooking/stove timer with red display. When I now have to reconnect, where should the cables be connected to the terminal? 
Connect the cables as follows: Terminal 1=Yellow conductor, Terminal 2=White conductor, Terminal 3=Brown conductor and Terminal 4=Green conductor. The same connection also goes for a poosible associated heat guard. 

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