Enclosed switches. Load switches / disconnectors according to IEC 60947-3 also for use as safety switches where required. According to current regulations, safety switches must be connected in the main circuit in order to separate the installation part during mechanical or electrical work and to prevent accidental connection of such load during work in progress. When a safety switch is to be used only to separate the load, it is necessary to have both an electrical switch for start and stop in a load''s electrical circuit and a separate electrical switch as a safety switch. Load switches / disconnectors according to IEC 60947-3 can be used either as a safety switch or as a separate electrical switch.

The switch disconnectors are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate with a knockout for 4 x cable entry thread M25, 2pcs cable gland M25 are included. Input via the backside membrane in soft material facilitates tight wiring passage. Since also mounting holes and gasket are in soft material, the casing achieves IP65.

• Quick connection for safe and easy installation

• Quick connection for all cable types

• Quick connection reduces the need for retightening˟

• Quick connection reduces the risk of overheated terminals˟

• Quick connection saves time and money˟

• Pre-drilled and sealed mounting holes in soft TPE material

• All poles such as Earth connection and Neutral are on the same row with the same distance

˟-> compared with traditional switch disconnector with screw terminals

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